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                BITCOIN VALUE
 Knowledge base.

Invest Time to learn more! The More you learn the more you become confident on what you do and the easier for you to maintain and improve your heath and it will become easier for you to make our reward program work to your advantage.
Health Wealth Club Officially open its door to the public registration on October 28, 2017 after finalizing the reward program and business concept of making Health Wealth Site as A Bitcoin Ecommerce Site to be on the forefront or be one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency Bitcoin in particular as our Mode of Payment and Mode of Income Pay-out to our members.
Health Wealth club follow  the following policy and principle in running the business...
  • Honesty is the best policy!
  • Equality to all people, No discrimination
  • Fairness in making decision
  • Money is not everything it's just a thing,
  • spread positivity and hope to all
  • Transparent and truthful in everything we do.
  • Touch peoples lifes in a very positive way.
Health Wealth Club is under the Administration of Mr. Edwin Ramos and Mr. Edgar Gravoso with several trusted virtual assistant who manage the operation of this website in alliance with a Solid 25 year old United Kingdom Food Supplement products supplier company who supply and do the shipping of our products straight to our members.
Mr. Edwin Ramos and Mr Edgar are both former distributors and have more than 10 years experience in network marketing industry, Both are happily married and a father of 2 children which they dearly love, both are simple,  down to earth  person with a big dream and it's been thier passion to create an online system to help people Earn from the comfort of their homes and to automate duplication in building an online global network.
Mr. Edwin Ramos and Mr. Gravoso with several friends are the incorporators of the company My Global Negocio inc.  
while Health wealth club is under the management of  My Global Negocio Inc a duly SEC registered Company in the Philippines and we ate also in thr process of acquiring a UK Limited Company Registration where our food supplement come from.
Health Wealth Club is a Domain name of our website and Health Wealth Club website is Under the Management of  MY GLOBAL NEGOCIO INC.. A Duly SEC registered company in the Philippjnes. We are also in the Process of acquiring a United  Kingdom company registration where our products come from.
This are the reasons why we are using Bitcoin here on our site..
  1. Secure Fast and Safe Transaction
  2. With Less hassle and Less Service Fee 
  3. Its Globally accepted and No Charge Back
  4. it Automate our Business platform.
We Believe that the biggest Revolution or change in Financial Sector is Now happening Globally with the creation of Bitcoin the first cryptocurrency in 2009 and in any Revolution or Major shift or Change happening there is a Huge opportunity that comes with it and those who are early adopters may benefit from it big time!
We also believe Bitcoin will continue to increase its value on a very short time that's why its best for people to Earn and save Bitcoin to take advantage on this extra ordinary growth of Bitcoin value. thats the reason why we only accept Bitcoin as Mode of Payment and Pay our members income in Bitcoin too.
Food supplement products are dietary supplement intended to supply us with needed nutrients to fill the gap between nutrition and health
Our Products are food supplement and we are NOT Allowed to claim any therapeitic claims. Food supplement are dietary supplement to supply us the needed nutrient needed by our body to strengten the immune system and makes body organs function to its optimum capacity to heal and repair itself.
The information and Products on our site are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease and are not a guide for self-diagnosis and/or treatment. Vitamins and other dietary supplements are not intended to be a food substitute. They cannot replace all of the nutrients and benefits of whole foods. People take these supplements to make sure they get enough essential nutrients and to maintain or improve their health.

For the US manufactured products have FDA but for the UK manufactured Products habe no FDA but we are still able to ship to USA and canada.

'FDA' stands for the US Food and Drug Administration. FDA approval is only required for bulk exports (over 2kg and orders shipped using a courier) to the United States.

We do ship the UK manufactured products to USA and Canada, but  under 2kg, as these are posted using Royal Mail and do not require clearance on arrival. We have therefore not applied for FDA approval.

We have 2 sources for our food supplement products one is from United Kingdom and the other one is from USA and they are the major players in the industry of food supplement products and been in the business for more than 20 years providing Quality Food supplements globally.

As of the moment of this writting, August 5, 2017, the USA manufactured products are still under process and will be uploaded on our members shop once everything have been set up including the product center where our products will be dispatch after you order it here on our members area.
You need to become a member of this site to access the members only food supplement shop in the members area. You need to have funds on your account to confirm the purchase. Funds may come from your income on our reward program or you can add funds to your account usingBeposit, bitcoin or your credit/debit card via OKpay or Payza.

Delivery of products varies depending on your location and country custom regulations.  please be guided below of the schedule from dispatch to delivery time.

Dispatch time:

We ship orders every day from Monday to Friday (except for Public and Bank Holidays etc). Most orders on  Monday - Friday usually be shipped within 2-3  business days of the order being placed. We use Royal Mail for our UK Products and USPS for our USA made Products.

Delivery time:

For UK orders, Royal Mail states that 1st class Mail is delivered between 1 and 2 business days and 2nd class Mail (including 2nd class Recorded Delivery) is delivered within 2 - 4 business days (see the Royal Mail website for full details).

Delivery to destinations outside the UK vary from 7 to 15 business days. Please see the Royal Mail website for details. Parcels may also be held up by customs.


Please note:  We post orders as quickly as possible. However, the delivery times mentioned above are NOT guaranteed - they are just approximate times provided by the mail carriers. Once we pass an item to a mail delivery service company, we cannot control delays and delivery times. Whilst we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by delivery delays, we cannot take any responsibility for them - though we will, of course, do everything we can to help you get your order in the quickest possible time.


You are not allowed to own several account but we allow same IP registration so you can register your family members if you want to have their own account.
Yes! of course you can! 
Yes of course you can, We don't allow or let other people stop you or hinder your growth here at our reward program. 
Log In on Your Account and Click on Upgrade on our members Home page and on the upgrading Page CLICK on DO PAYMENT. After clicking on the Do Payment the Bitcoin Payment page will open then simply copy the corresponding Bitcoin value of $60.00 and the Bitcoin wallet address to where you will send the Bitcoin payment then go to your bitcoin wallet and paste the values you copy then send it to process the payment.
Bitcoin is the first and the most popular and accepted cryptcurrency in the market today. 
Watch this short video to learn the basic of bitcoin,
Suggested Bitcoin Resources

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  • Blockchain is the most widely used Bitcoin Account.  If you do not have a Blockchain account then you should create one without any delays.  When you create your Blockchain account you will have your own unique Bitcoin Address.  This address is used to send and receive Bitcoin.  Having a Blockchain account is a must if you wish to earn online. CLICK HERE! To Create your Account at Blockchain.

  • Coinmama is a good site to fund your bitcoin.  You can purchase Bitcoin with a Credit Card.  The Bitcoin will be funded into your Bitcoin Wallet almost instantly.  They only charge a 5% service charge on the Bitcoin purchases. CLICK HERE! To Create your account at coinmama

You can request income payout any time and Any Day at our members area and 
we will send it to you with in 24-46 hours upon request.
Save First on Account Setting your Bitcoin Wallet Address on ACCOUNT #/ID put your Bitcoin wallet address 
its where we will send out your income and in account name Put your complete name.
No, We don't deduct income tax on your income but we deduct 3% for system Maintenance and administration charge plus 1.5% for our payment processor service charge.
We Highly recommend that you must become a responsible cetizen of your country so make sure you voluntary file your own income tax on wherever country your in.

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